We’re Still Here to Help
With Your Print Campaigns

As one of the only major print partners with completely in-house materials and facilities, we’ve been appointed critical supplier status during the Covid-19 lockdown. That means that we’re committed to delivering unbeatable print support throughout the lockdown.

And because we know changing times mean changing products, we’ve refined and improved some of our most popular products to adapt them to a post-Covid-19 world, including diverse signage, antimicrobial finishes and high volumes of PPE.

Get Support From Our Three Divisions

Our in-house design team is still on hand to offer expert advice and support in designing, re-engineering and prototyping new product ideas. Bring us your big ideas and let us work out the little details – whether it’s choosing the right materials, refining the print processes or suggesting the perfect finish.

We have one of the UK’s most well-equipped print facilities – and we’re committed to ensuring our clients are still able to access everything we have to offer during the lockdown.
Whether it’s an ongoing or a new campaign, we’re dedicated to making it happen.

We’ve put new safety guidelines in place for our in-house fulfilment and delivery team to ensure that not only are they protected, your products and your customers are too.
That means that even during these uncertain times, we’re still making sure your campaigns arrive, safe and sound, wherever they need to be – anywhere in the world.

Here’s How We’re Lending a Helping Hand

Reach your customers at home
with award-winning

With so many choosing to stay home, it can be difficult to reach those you most want to connect with. But messages from the outside world are more valuable than ever, which is why we’ve made sure our direct mail design and production team are on hand to help.

We’ve been responsible for award-winning direct mail campaigns from some of the UK’s best-known and loved brands – including our brainchild Digital Direct Mail, which combines wireless technology with sleek, intuitive design. Now, during lockdown, we’re making it easier than ever to reach your customers at home.

Keep people in the know

Make sure your message is heard with Ebi Smart Signage. With eight diverse signage products available, there’s a Smart Signage product suited for every surface and situation you can think of.

Smart Signage products are designed to stay looking fresh, without bubbling or mottling, and come in an array of options, including PVC-free, scratch-resistant, reusable, and more. Whether you’re looking for crowd control and customer management vinyl stickers, sneeze screens, or something completely different, Smart Signage has the answer.

Protect your people

As critical suppliers, one of the ways we’re supporting the UK’s most vital industries is by producing high volumes of PPE, including our single-use PPE visors.

Delivered assembled for immediate use in the field, these easy-to-use visors have been created with comfort in mind, with an ergonomic curve, protective side shields and extended face shield panel. And they’re 100% recyclable after use.

Prevent the growth of 99.9% of bacteria on your products

XtraProtect is our unique in-house antimicrobial coating, capable of preventing the growth of 99.9% of bacteria. As XtraProtect is scratch-resistant, durable, and long-lasting it’s ideal for products that will be handled repeatedly –
– particularly those in retail or public spaces.

Because XtraProtect is both created and applied in-house at no extra cost, it has no effect on lead times – and its life extension qualities mean that not only does it make your products more hygienic, it protects them from the wear and tear of daily handling too.

Face Mask

Made 100% from Recyclable Polypropylene
Designed to remove the discomfort from your ears when
wearing a face mask for long periods
Designed and made in the UK
Printed with messages and branding
Low cost, quick to produce and deplo y solution
XtraProtect Antimicrobial Protection