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Sustainability forms the backbone of everything we do.

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Ebi Integrity is designed to keep us honest.

Ebi is a certified carbon balanced manufacturer and we are committed to making a positive difference, with sustainable products made from lower carbon impact materials, processes and a wide range of recyclable options.

Delivering the Carbon Positive Products of Tomorrow

With a vision to become a market leader and pioneer in sustainable printing, Ebi is a certified carbon-balanced manufacturer committed to making a meaningful impact to climate change.

We achieve this by offering sustainable products crafted from lower carbon impact materials and processes, alongside a wide range of recyclable options.

We are thrilled to announce significant progress in reducing our carbon footprint. In 2022, we achieved a 60% reduction, bringing emissions down to 131 tCO2e.

We’ve built on this success in 2023 with a 138 kWp solar field at our main site, generating an estimated 58 tonnes of annual CO2 savings. We’re finalizing our 2023 measurement and look forward to sharing the details soon.

Our commitment goes beyond renewables. We’ve invested in 2 new energy-efficient large format presses with LED curing systems to further reduce our energy footprint


– Ebi Board Team

Protecting the Planet Green Underline

Here is a snapshot of how Ebi Integrity is making
an immediate positive impact on our planet:

Electric Car
Our Ebi fleet has transitioned to full electric or hybrid vehicles

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In the past five years our PP5 plastic recycling scheme recycled 347 tonnes – that’s the equivalent of almost 30 double decker buses!

Solar Panel
Our lower impact printing production is fuelled by 100% clean green energy

Green Globe
All the products we produce in our carbon neutral operations can be carbon measured, offset and made climate positive in-line with UN Sustainable Development Goals

We will reduce our carbon emissions by 40% in 2022, saving over 100 tonnes CO2 – the equivalent to boiling a kettle nearly 1,500,000 times!

Recycle Cup
We are committed to making a difference by designing more green print products made from lower impact materials and processes

We use paper, card and carton board certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), an international organisation dedicated to responsible forest management and timber use. This strictly audited process is more than just a slip of paper – it’s a multi-step commitment to protecting the world’s forests with real, quantifiable action.

We have invested in solar power to run our plant, which is key to our investment in sustainability programme, helping us save 58 tonnes of CO2 per year. 



Our commitment to sustainability has been recognised!

We’re proud to announce that we were awarded Sustainability Supplier of the Year by one of the world’s largest procurement agencies. This prestigious award acknowledges our efforts to minimise environmental impact in the printing industry.

Deliver green print products with sustainable integrity and create climate-positive campaigns

The world’s carbon emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. Committing to a Net Zero Pathway by measuring, reducing and becoming carbon neutral is a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.
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Ebi Integrity Services:


Understand the true impact your activity is having on the planet. This is the process in which we calculate the carbon footprint of your products or campaign.


Whilst we can not reduce the effects of emissions that we have already made, we can reduce its impact on the environment through offsetting via verified schemes such as Gold Standard. Which leads directly to the reduction or removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Go Climate Positive

Double your carbon offsetting to create a climate-positive certified product or campaign.

Ebi Integrity is a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, 193 world leaders developed and adopted the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of tackling poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. In line with these goals, Ebi Integrity is invested in our Net Zero Pathway by committing to a plan of decarbonisation. We measure, reduce and then offset any residual carbon emissions.

4 out of 5 customers prefer lower carbon impact brands

Via SmartestEnergy

Choosing sustainable and recyclable print solutions, supporting lower carbon impact schemes and projects and taking your own business carbon neutral is a choice that can pay off – not just for our planet, but for your business too.

Products created using lower carbon impact processes see no reduction in quality, durability or longevity, and there is only a minimal impact to cost of production.

The impact of sustainability on brand reputation is huge.

There has been a 71% global rise in online searches for sustainable goods (The Economist Intelligence Unit)

66% of consumers say they consider sustainability when making a purchase (McKinsey & Co)

Nearly 1 in 3 consumers have stopped buying certain brands or products because of sustainability related concerns (Deloitte)

Not sure where to start? Ebi’s product development team is on hand to advise and support with sustainability transitions, introduction or use of products, and more.

Schemes We Support

Along with our own internal efforts to deliver lower carbon impact
print solutions, we also support schemes protecting our planet.

Product Labelling

Once your product campaign is offset and certified, product labelling can be used to communicate the sustainable integrity of your product or campaign to your customers.

Carbon Offsetting

We cannot reverse our effect on the environment - but we can offset it. Carbon offsetting comes not just with benefits to our planet, but also with local, social and biodiversity benefits that matter to your customers.

Carbon offsetting is a catch-all phrase, which means that it is often incorrectly used to refer to schemes which are not certified. For example, many tree-planting schemes lack independent verification that confirms they are truly carbon neutral.

Tree Planting and Re-wilding Schemes

Tree planting schemes are vital in helping to prevent the potential breakdown of nature and revive biodiversity. However, these schemes are usually not considered carbon neutral in the short term as it can take decades for a new tree to begin to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In many ways these schemes are a gift for the next generation.

Forest Preservation Schemes

A forest the size of the UK is lost every year (Climate Focus) - and the destruction is accelerating.

Forest preservation schemes are rarely considered carbon offsetting as they do not reverse carbon emissions. However, these schemes are crucial in preserving existing biodiversity on our planet. Take action by working with a locally established charity to preserve forests in your area and making sure your print provider uses FSC®-certified paper and board.

Projects We Support Green Underline

As part of our ongoing commitment to taking part in sustainability
projects all over the world, Ebi Integrity supports the following projects:

Gyapa Cook Stoves Project



 In Ghana, traditional cooking methods like open fires and cookstoves are hazardous to people's health, especially women and children, due to smoke inhalation.  

 The Gyapa Cook Stoves project fights this by providing Ghanaians with the Gyapa stove. This improved cookstove uses a ceramic liner to retain heat and smoke, reducing fuel consumption by 50-60% while improving air quality. This not only saves families money but also helps protect Ghana's forests as less charcoal is needed. The project also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by lowering charcoal production and consumption. 

We’re taking print to the Underlinenext level.