95% of Industry Are Working Towards Plastic Alternatives

95.7% of suppliers, brand owners, retailers, consultants and other packaging industry organisations are working on at least one alternative to plastic, a new survey claims.

Packaging Innovations London 2019 and ThePackHub have collaborated on new research looking at the challenges facing the packaging industry and its use of plastics.

The online survey included a total of 354 participants from the industry.

62.9% of respondents said they have a specific plastics policy.

46.8% of respondents said they think that there is not enough focus on possible harm to the environment caused by plastic, while 28.8% said they think there is too much focus. The remaining 24.8% said they felt the current focus was enough.

17.2% of respondents said they are removing plastic all together, while reducing plastic use was preferred by just over half (51.7%).