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How Effective is Packaging at Promotion?

Packaging is about more than simply protecting a product – it can be used as effective promotion in its own right, according to a new survey from global research platform GoodFirms.

A new research report (“Packaging Industry – Current Trends, Future Demands”) has found that 76.8% of consumers believe that packaging can create distinct product experiences, while 30.8% of surveyees said they shared an image of packaging on social media because they liked it.

The survey asked consumers which factors matter most when considering the design of packaging, with 76.9% saying product is the biggest influencer. Another 46.2% said that customers are an important factor when considering the design of packaging.

Meanwhile, sustainable packaging continues to be popular among customers, with 61.5% of consumers saying they would pay extra for sustainable packaging alternatives.

The GoodFirms report can be found at their website.