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Personalisation is Direct Mail’s Hidden Weapon

When utilised properly, direct mail has the potential to result in higher ROI than digital marketing: but how can you make sure your direct mail campaign doesn’t end up in the bin?

Almost half (49%) of consumers find content or offers that are not relevant to be annoying, according to research from Cheetah Digital and Econsultancy.

The secret, it seems, to good results from your direct mail campaign, is personalisation.

According to Zipdo’s Essential Direct Mail Marketing 2023 report, personalised direct mail campaigns yield a 135% increase in response rates over non-personalised campaigns.

Personalisation can include bespoke or tailored offers or content, design elements that cater to the consumer, or even simply including their name in the campaign itself. Just adding a name to direct mail – instead of addressing it to “the current resident” – can increase open rates by up to 51%, according to data from Postalytics.

In our increasingly digital world, a personalised mailer can provide a refreshing and engaging experience – and with smart personalisation and segmentation, direct mail can deliver fantastic returns on investment.