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Sustainable Printed Packaging: The Key to Winning Over Eco-Conscious Consumers

In today’s environmentally conscious landscape, sustainable printed packaging has become a crucial factor in winning over consumers. A recent European study conducted across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands revealed that sustainable packaging is a major selling point for a significant portion of the population.

The study, conducted by Amcor, found that 70% of consumers regularly purchase private-label groceries, with sustainability ranking as a top reason influencing their buying decisions. This highlights the growing importance of sustainable packaging for private label brands seeking to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Furthermore, 42% of consumers acknowledged witnessing progress made by retailers towards sustainability efforts. These efforts included reducing food waste, minimising unnecessary packaging, and implementing more sustainable packaging designs. This positive perception indicates that consumers are receptive to and appreciate brands taking concrete steps towards environmental responsibility.

However, the study also revealed that there’s room for improvement. 35% of consumers expressed a desire to see less unnecessary packaging altogether. Additionally, 33% felt that retailers could do more to implement sustainable practices, with popular demands including a reduction in plastic usage and a focus on recyclable packaging. These findings emphasise the need for continuous improvement and innovation in the realm of sustainable printed packaging.

The study further underscores the direct impact of packaging on purchasing decisions. 28% of consumers explicitly stated that “more sustainable packaging” directly influences their buying choices. This statistic highlights the power of sustainable printed packaging as a marketing tool and its potential to drive brand loyalty and sales growth.

“We see a growing shift towards eco-conscious grocery shopping for both private-label and branded products,” explained Madalina Mitru, Strategic Marketing and Value Chain Manager at Amcor. “Consumers increasingly expect their preferred products to demonstrate how they are improving sustainability through their packaging choices.”

By embracing sustainable printed packaging solutions, brands can cater to the growing demand for environmentally responsible practices, enhance brand image, and ultimately win over eco-conscious consumers in a competitive marketplace.

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