World’s Biggest Lenticular Print Installed in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is now home to the largest lenticular print, measuring almost 400ft in length.

The print is designer Daan Roosegarde’s latest project, created by Studio Roosegaarde. Called “Beyond”, it is meant to evoke the cloud paintings of 17th century Dutch Masters – but with a modern twist courtesy of lenticular printing technology.

“Children often try to grasp it, but they can’t,” says Roosegaarde.

Like all lenticular prints, the mural uses cylindrical lenses – lenticules. These lenses refract light from images beneath, but in different directions, giving the illusion of depth or movement.

The same effect could have been achieved by a video wall, but Roosegarde claims screens can look outdated after a few years – and “Beyond” is a permanent installation.

“There are some hidden stories in the clouds,” he says. “If you look closely, you’ll notice one shaped like a bunny.”