Classic Painting is Brought to Life By Lenticular Printing

A 2020 art competition has seen Hendrick Avercamp’s famous “Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters” painting brought to life through lenticular printing techniques used to create the illusion of motion on the canvas.

French artist Francine Leclercq created the reimagining for the 2020 International Rijksstudio Award Competition, which is an open call for artists and designers to create their own takes on works from the Rijksmuseum’s collection.

Leclerq used stop motion animation to give movement to the painting’s human figures, and also developed a lenticular flip card where two or more images of animated sequences could be viewed when moved.

“This work is an attempt to call for an extended viewing of the painting, observing grim and humorous details,” comments a press release on the piece, “giving every brushstroke a new perspective and stimulating imaginations.”

The full effect of lenticular printing techniques in the final piece can be viewed in a video uploaded for those unable to see the piece in person.