How Important is Colour in Packaging?

How important is colour when it comes to packaging? Research says very.

We’re ISO 12647-certified. That means that we manage our colours closely, to a particular range of standards, so we can deliver accurate colour fidelity across all of the materials, processes and finishes that we use.

According to one study, 90% of snap judgements made about products are based on the packaging’s colour. Just under 85% of shoppers say colour is the main reason they choose to buy a product, while 80% say colour increases brand recognition.

According to Reboot, colour increases brand recognition by 80%. The survey of 2,648 consumers showed that people, when shown nothing more than the colours used in a brand’s logo, were often able to identify the associated brand with ease. 67%, for example, could recognise IKEA from its iconic blue and yellow logo colours alone.

But just any old blue and any old yellow won’t work – the key is a consistent blue and yellow. In fact, according to Forbes, presenting a brand consistently across all online and offline platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Part of being ISO 12647-certified means that we’re all about colour consistency. Whether we’re printing on acrylic, paperboard, polypropylene, or another substrate all together, we’re ensuring that our colour is true to the brand’s vision. Your consumers can recognise who you are by colour alone – so it’s our job to make sure we get that colour just right.