Consumer Attitudes to Packaging Are Becoming More Positive

According to new research by FMCG Gurus, the outbreak of Covid-19 has had a surprisingly positive effect on consumer attitudes towards retail packaging.

40% of global consumers stated in a survey that they feel more positive perceptions towards packaging as a result of Covid-19. The increase in positive perception is believed to stem from consumers wanting protection for their retail goods, particularly food and drink, with seven in 10 consumers saying they believe that packaging keeps food safe.

Customers say they pay close attention to packaging, as they evaluate the information it gives them on the protection of their food, as well as how sustainable the packaging itself is, according to the research.

In fact, sustainability is almost as important to consumers as protection from the outside world, with almost one in two (47%) of consumers saying they are willing to pay more for a product if the packaging has less impact on the environment. 55% said they have become “more concerned” about the environment as a result of Covid-19.

The full report can be read here at FMCG Gurus’ website.