Did You Know About Ebi’s NPD Team?

Within each of our three divisions – Ebi Create, Produce and Fulfil – we have a wide variety of seasoned experts and specialists who help us bring our unique touch to creative print and packaging.

One of the teams who help us do what we do is our New Product Development team, who clients will often meet early on in their encounter with Ebi.

Our NPD team is headed by experienced product designers with a wealth of CAD experience, and also includes materials specialists and print experts. That means that when clients come to us with a vision for a new product or campaign, we don’t just say yes or no – we get actively involved.

But what does being actively involved mean?

Many print agencies deal in print exclusively – while they can tell you if they’re able to print on a particular material or use a specific technique, they do not pretend to be experts in product design. 

However, Ebi’s NPD team has the product design expertise to make suggestions, offer alternatives and even come up with product ideas from scratch. All we need from you is the vision. What is your product trying to achieve? What do you want to make happen? Whether it’s reaching sustainability goals, offering customers a luxury experience, or making the most of technology-led solutions, our NPD team has the creative vision – backed by the knowledge – to make it happen.

Are you developing a new product? Get in touch with our NPD team to see how we can help you develop your next product to be the best it can possibly be.