How is Covid-19 Changing Retail Signage?

With the majority of retail outlets closed during the UK’s lockdown, supermarkets are some of the only shops left open to the public.

But supermarkets are still sporting drastically revamped signage, adjusted and refined for a post-Covid-19 world.

Supermarkets including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and more, have put into place social distancing measures aimed at reducing the risk to health for both staff and customers. These measures include encouraging all individuals to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from each other.

And these measures have been made possible by the introduction of new floor and wall signage, such as the now ubiquitous vinyl floor stickers helping customers keep a safe distance when queuing to pay.

Protective screens have also been deployed to protect staff who are working at tills.

Some supermarkets have also introduced temporary wall signage, intended to educate customers on health and safety precautions they can take, such as wearing a mask, sanitising their hands, and refraining from touching their face.

The newly introduced signage is designed to be durable, easy to install and easy to remove, leaving no trace behind.

Paddy Lillis, general secretary of the shop workers union Usdaw, commented, “We all have to work together to get through this crisis.”