How We’re Protecting Packaging With Our Antimicrobial Finish

How do you ensure your product’s packaging stays hygienic even after being touched and handled by dozens – and sometimes hundreds – of people in a retail or public environment?

This was the question we wanted to answer when we developed XtraProtect, our unique in-house antimicrobial finish.

What makes XtraProtect special is that it kills 99.9% of bacteria, by preventing bacterial replication, growth or survival. But, as with all our products, we wanted XtraProtect to go the extra mile. That’s why along with providing continuous surface protection, it’s also scratch-resistant, with life extension qualities that keep your packaging long-lived and durable as well as clean.

XtraProtect is completely invisible to the naked eye, with no effect on the appearance of the material it’s applied to, and we offer it at no extra cost with a wide variety of our finishes (including our popular matte, gloss and silk finishes).

Best of all, XtraProtect does not affect a product’s recyclability – and it’s compatible with the majority of our recyclable materials.

Find out how XtraProtect works by downloading the PDF