Lenticular Print Grabs Attention with New Movie Posters

Lenticular print is a great way to grab customer attention – and it seems the movie industry would agree, with multiple classic films releasing new limited edition posters making use of lenticular print technology.

The Thing, The Dark Knight, Jaws and other classic films have all recently seen new lenticular print posters, featuring moving takes on classic covers.

The posters, courtesy of New York’s Bottleneck Gallery, are on sale for a limited time, available to fans of the films in a variety of sizes.

Lenticular print is a technology using small lenses to create the illusion of depth, movement or other image changes to a printed piece of artwork. When combined with classic film posters, the addition of lenticular print has given these iconic images an all-new lease of life.

More information on the Bottleneck Gallery’s lenticular printed movie posters can be found on their website.