Innovation and Sustainability Top Packaging Trends

Innovation, sustainability and design are the biggest trends in the modern packaging industry, according to analysis by GlobalData.

In a study of the top mentioned and trending terms related to packaging on Twitter, “design” topped the list, with “sustainable packaging”, “print”, “packaging innovation” and “labels” rounding out the top five.

One third of purchase decisions are based on packaging design, according to research by The Paper Worker.

“Sustainable packaging” was the second most popular trend in GlobalData’s analysis, with recyclable and eco-friendly packaging becoming more popular each year.

Innovation was another hot trend, with the industry discussing smart packaging and snap packs. With sustainability fresh on the industry’s mind, innovative techniques to tackle black plastic packaging – which cannot be recycled – saw an increase in tweets and discussion.

Taking the final spot in GlobalData’s top five trends was discussion around labels, after the Natasha’s Law proposal suggested that packaged food list full ingredients to prevent allergy-related deaths.