Sustainable Packaging to Grow Post-Pandemic

Almost a third (29%) of businesses say that in a post-pandemic world, sustainability credentials are now more important than ever, according to a new study by Rocaba Packaging.

The recent survey found that 40% of businesses say they have seen more interest from consumers in the environmental impact of packaging and products during the pandemic.

Respondents also said that minimising packaging waste had become a higher priority, making them more selective over products.

Rather than stem the demand for sustainable packaging, the rise of online shopping during the pandemic appears to have increased it.

According to AMC Global, 80% of consumers believe the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders have had a positive impact on the environment – and post-pandemic, plan to maintain or increase activities they perceive as beneficial to the environment.

According to DS Smith and Ipsos MORI, 85% of consumers say they want to buy products using as little packaging as possible, with 29% saying they have stopped buying specific brands because they did not use recyclable packaging.

Sustainable and recyclable packaging has long been an Ebi specialty, and we continue to innovate, with recyclable board, paper and polypropylene solutions available. Most notably, our trailblazing Digital Direct Mail product range is recyclable and returnable, with consumers able to simply and easily return opened campaigns to Ebi’s headquarters for recycling.

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