Thermochromic Ink Heats Up Game of Thrones Marketing Campaign

The eighth and final series of HBO’s hit television programme Game of Thrones is around the corner, and one particular product in its recent marketing campaign has stood out.

Spirits brand Johnnie Walker has collaborated with HBO to release White Walker by Johnnie Walker, a limited edition whiskey intended to be served cold. However, it’s the whiskey’s innovative packaging that is grabbing attention.

In a callback to the programme’s iconic tagline, “Winter is Here” is etched in thermochromic ink on the bottle, only visible when frozen.

Thermochromic ink is a type of dye that changes colour or transparency with the increase or decrease of temperature.

It’s often used in beverage packaging to alert the consumer to the coolness of a can – but less often used as a marketing feature.

According to Johnnie Walker, the thermochromic ink will “give fans a frosty surprise message”. As fans of the effects of thermochromic ink, we think it will also give the print industry a look at an underrated but highly effective finish!