When It Comes to Branding, Colours Matter

A recent study by the University of Missouri has revealed that colours have a strong impact on how consumers view logos – and the brand they belong to.

The University of Missouri surveyed 184 adult consumers using generic logos for fake companies, and asked participants on their emotions towards each logo.

The study revealed that while blue logos inspired feelings of confidence and reliability, green prompted an association of environmental friendliness. Red logos invoked feelings of self-assurance, while yellow was associated with fun and modernity.

“Of all the feelings associated with logo colors, the feelings associated with red logos were the most surprising,” said Jessica Ridgway, the study’s lead researcher. “Traditional emotions based on red include aggression and romance, but red logos did not invoke those emotions in study participants.

“The results of this study demonstrate that brands should use logo colors that are associated with the personality traits they want their brand to have in the eyes of consumers.”

With the advent of bespoke colour matching for print, brands have become more conscious than ever of ensuring their logo’s colours are faithfully translated from design to print to production, maintaining cohesive colour matching through the journey.

Ridgway concluded, “[The study’s] results… remind brand managers that they cannot rely on traditional color associations alone. They must stay attuned to how colors are viewed and applied in popular culture such as in entertainment, as this tends to influence consumers’ color associations.”