67% of Marketers Say Direct Mail Delivers the Highest ROI

It’s one of marketing’s oldest techniques, but it’s still going from strength to strength. According to the 2022 State of Direct Mail, 67% of marketers say direct mail consistently delivers the best returns on investment (ROI) of any channel they use.

However, direct mail is most effective when used to its fullest potential. The report explains, “Software is streamlining direct mail processes and making it easier for marketers to run targeted personalized campaigns with complete analytics and campaign attribution.”

Technology that allows agile reactions to data-led direct mail campaigns – such as our real-time DDM Dashboard – significantly increases the odds of higher returns. 

“Data suggests that companies that use technology to automate direct mail campaigns have higher ROAS and profitability than their competitors.”

  • State of Direct Mail 2022

However, just 51% of companies use software to execute or manage direct mail campaigns.

Technology can be used for a variety of purposes during a direct mail campaign, including but not limited to:

  • Tracking and monitoring opens
  • Automating responses via trigger-based feedback in the campaign itself
  • Tracking results by location, time, date, and more
  • Collecting data for personalised responses or follow-ups
  • Live, real-time updates on the progress of the campaign

Direct mail is not only still relevant – it is breaking records, with new technology creating leaps forward in campaigns all over the world. How is your business using direct mail, and are you using it to its full potential?