Ebi and Digital Direct Mail Take Home Another Award for Best Use of Data

Ebi Engage Digital Direct Mail continues its winning streak in 2022 with another award – this time for Best Use of Data in the inaugural Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards, from Autocar Business.

The Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards recognise quality, achievements and innovation in marketing within the automotive industry, with the winners decided by some of the sector’s most influential decision makers.

Our Ebi Engage DDM campaign “Life at 45 Degrees”, created with Edit and Spark 44 for Jaguar Land Rover Defender, earned record-breaking response rates, with an ROI of 49:1.

Digital Direct Mail uses real-time feedback from customers to create interactive, responsive marketing campaigns capable of reacting to regional, chronological and other trends.

Digital Direct Mail previously took home the Innovation of the Year award at the 2022 Printweek Awards earlier this year.

Find out more about what makes Ebi Engage so successful: https://easibind.com/future-digital-direct-mail/