What is ISO 12647 and why does it matter?

Spend enough time looking for a print partner and you will come across the term ISO 12647, particularly if colour and cohesion are important to you in a campaign or product. You may have asked yourself what ISO 12647 actually means.

Here at Ebi we print on many different materials, and use many different inks – but accurate colour cohesion across an entire campaign is very important, both to us and to our clients.

There are a couple of different reasons for this. The first is that keeping colour consistent across a campaign keeps the whole package looking clean and consistent, with no confusion that each element belongs together.

But it’s about more than a single campaign. Colour and brand recognition go hand to hand: according to research by Reboot, colour increases brand recognition by 80%.

What does all of this have to do with ISO 12647?

Being ISO 12647-certified means that we closely manage our colours to a specific range of standards.

For us, that means that no matter the material we’re printing on, the processes we’re using or the ink that we’re printing with, we’re following parameters that enable us to print to the highest possible standard.

For our clients, being ISO 12647-certified means that we deliver incredibly accurate, cohesive colour across all of the substrates and processes we use – and even after applying different finishes.

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